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Mostafa Naguib

talented full stack developer

Highly effective, driven professional with broad technical skill set. Ambitious problem solver. Known for the ability to multi-task and conclude projects with winning results. A record of accomplishment of building fluid and dynamic interfaces that are user-friendly and innovative. Known for improving the performance, scalability and reliability of software and web development projects, and of providing long-term solutions to front end problems.

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name:Mostafa Naguib E-mail: mostafa@dmostafa.com phone number:+(20) 01097870790 website: www.dmostafa.com
Who am i?
Software developer have 9+ years development experience building applications, websites and API integrations for 3rd parties services, with all related issues and tasks such as creating database environment needs and setup.
How can you contact me?
The best is by sending me an email with your requirements, or you can give me a call.
What is my hobbies
Reading, Play Candy Crush, Football and help people.


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Here's services which i'm doing


Develop websites, E-Commerce websites and business applications.

responsive Design

Create fully responsive designs using bootstrap and foundation frameworks, and

API Integration

Create and Develop APIs with all necessary implementation, and to be compatible cross all platforms.


Using Development tools regarding project needs and workflow process.

Payment Gateway Integration

Develop any payment gateway APIs such as PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and more.

24/7 support

Professional support for delivered products or as client needs for other products.

technical skills

Here's some of my technical skills.

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sql, mysql & mssql

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git & svn

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other skills

work experiences

SM Solutions – Smart minds solutions

( May 2015 : present ) owner/Full stack developer

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

Develop websites and applications.

WTG – Whosthatgirl (Fashion and clothes company)

( April 2016 : April 2019 ) senior/Full stack developer (Remote/Part-time)

Create E-Commerce website with Opencart CMS with integrate POS application “softtouch” APIs which collect all products data, and its dependencies tables data to be automatically synchronized into website database.

Analyze business needs and requirements to be developed by creating Opencart extensions, or by custom existed extensions.

SEO, integrate facebook pixel API and Tag manager API.

Manage server, install SSL and hosting of the website.

Ingez (Cargo and delivery company)

( May 2015 : Present ) IT Manager/Full stack developer (Remote/Part-time)

Develop APIs for cargo system which created with Laravel.

Develop features regarding business model needs and requirements.

Integrate 3rd parties services APIs and Payment gateway API.

Do SEO needs.

Hawk Solutions (Websites and applications development company)

( April 2015 : April 2017 ) senior/Full stack developer (Remote/Full-time)

Develop websites and applications.

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

Manage development team remotely.

Shekra (crowdfunding company)

( May 2014 : May 2015 ) senior/Full stack developer (Remote/Full-time)

Develop websites and applications for startup companies.

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

Abic (Websites and applications development company)

( Sep. 2012 : May 2013 ) software developer (Remote/Part-time)

Develop websites and applications with .Net technology.

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

Sunsoft (Websites and applications development company)

( Mar. 2011 : Sep. 2013 ) Web Developer (Full-time)

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

reate databases and develop web application and websites.

Develop and test new features for websites and create CMS using PHP, and Codeigniter framework.

Perform modifications on existing web application and websites.

Sunsoft (Websites and applications development company)

( Jan. 2010 : Mar. 2011 ) Software Developer (Full-time)

Analyze projects' needs and requirements.

Design and test new features using C#, Visual Basic .NET framework

Perform modifications of existing desktop applications to meet customer requirements.

Arab Group for Computer and languages

( Jul. 2008 : Jul. 2009 ) Programmer (volunteer)

Design and test business software applications using C#, Visual Basic .NET framework, and Visual Basic 6.

Write code to specification in order to build two public-facing web-based applications for client.

My awesome portfolio

Almustafa Shipping
Almustafa Shipping
Google Sheet API Console Application
Google Sheet API Console
Stock and Invoices Management Application
Stock and Invoices Management Application

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